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Now onto Shark's aforementioned parents, starting with this beautiful stallion. This is Persian, an old, world-weathered fashionista with a zest for making one look their best. Part of sort of a "dynamic duo" with its dear mate, Bower, who have followed and watched over many a young model and pageant queen in their runs, its specific expertise is in grooming, hoarding a hair brush or a curling iron from every single one of its past human darlings. It's a vain creature to be sure, and proud as peacock, but that never stopped it from also being a doting mate and parent. Oh yes, expressing Shark's parents concern for its appearance was not at all meant to imply they were cruel or dismissive over it, oh quite the contrary. Persian in particular would often spend evenings lovingly grooming and preening Shark's fur and feathers, making good use of the fish-themed hair clips that Bower would often collect, and despite the delicate, feminine appearance, it is a notably ferocious papa bear if anybody messes with its little baby. Speaking of which, Persian is genderless, like all dutch angel dragons, but has preferred to take on a much more overtly feminine appearance over time to reflect that of the people it has followed. The jewelry it wears are all gifts from Bower, pictured here are only a few, and the ensemble changes often. Persian is also notably very intelligent among angel dragons, downright crafty even, and while its usually rather well behaved about it, it does have a mischievous streak that can make its intelligence both apparent and incredibly annoying. And be careful this smug little shit doesn't then try to flutter those baby blues and charm its way out of it.

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