Cinna the Husky is feeling Hopeful
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Hello! My name is Cinna! Cinna the husky! nice to meet you xD I just created this account to meet new people, more artist and cool friends :3

I'm gonna upload some of my work here! And probably open commissions! :D


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Open commissions!

That right °<°! You can check the information here! Cinna loves you :D Submission by Cinna {/Cinna/view/71237}
02/06/2016 17:55

New Account!

I'm just created a new account on Furry Network, why don't you take a look? please ;w; {}
22/05/2016 22:21


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05/06/2016 17:57


Role-playing No
18/05/2016 14:46


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Makato posted to Cinna

26/05/2016 14:57

i see all your art and is really good, you are a really talented person c:

Cinna · 27/05/2016 04:44

Thank youu! you're cool! :3

Fuzzy Maro posted to Cinna

18/05/2016 20:00

Hello :) I have a little question... hat size and format is Your avatar? It's so sharp and good quality. Mine still gets pixelized :(

Cinna · 18/05/2016 22:07

jpg 800x950 px, your avatar looks fine to me :D

Fuzzy Maro · 18/05/2016 22:14

Thanks :D

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