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Yes, my username is ClockworkWolf, but i'm a with it...

I do try to keep a pretty consistent gallery across all my sites and check daily. I do however usually use my FA as a main account; it will have all information along with any commission offers (paid and free) and stuff like that, so check there if you want details, I'll respond on any site. Not all of my work is here due to large quantities of old junk but it is up to date with my newest stuff.

P.S If I get a Fave from you, a thousand thank yous, it means a lot. If I get more, this goes without saying, I just hate the idea of spamming a shout page.




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Student Loans and Commissions

I'll just cut to the case: I graduated in the spring and have been working since the start of October. However, the company I'm working for is a startup and due to the situation, none us us have been paid so far. Last month the grace period on my student loans also expired, the monthly payments ...
9 months ago

Another Summer Done

...And not a whole lot of art. This is more of an update to say that commissions are now closed again. This is also my final year of school, meaning that I'll be starting work full time after if all things go well and summers will just become the hot part of the year and I may not be able to cont...
08/09/2017 20:31


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