Clown the Red Panda
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Hi, I'm Sadie! :^)


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Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Callie
A little circus performing dragon~
5 months ago

Sadie Slaughter

Female · Pansexual · Pisces
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A big fluffy cow clown monster! Her face can split open and she has a belly mouth and a tail mout...
5 months ago


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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

Species: Folf
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Maple posted to Clown

1 month ago

hey there!! I just subbed to ya! And, i LOVE your art! Its so cool :D Keep up the good awesome! 

TangentTheWolfy posted to Clown

5 months ago

Prepare for trouble, and make it a McDouble >:3c

Clown posted

8 months ago

so.... overwatch :^)

TangentTheWolfy posted to Clown

8 months ago

Gotcha ;3

Clown · 8 months ago