Sadie the Monster is feeling Hungry
Artist Type: Digital Artist

                                                     Name: Sadie Slaughter (Please call me Sadie~)

                                                     Species: Cow Monster

                                                     Age: 20

                                                     Sexuality: Pansexual



                                           Commission Price List: 

                                     Requests: CLOSED | Art Trades: Maybe! | Commissions: OPEN


                         If you would like a commission, PLEASE message me on twitter, tumblr or email me!

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Sadie Slaughter

Female · Cow monster · Pansexual ·
Role-playing Friends
Backstory written by Tangentthewolfy {/Tangent/} !!
08/02/2017 13:57


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Sadie posted

24/01/2019 00:44

i love too many characters

Sadie posted

18/01/2019 23:27

updating my stuff will try to check here more oftenn

since tumblr hates art that i have thats not even nsfw its all going here now baby

Susy posted to Sadie

24/12/2016 14:36

hey there!! I just subbed to ya! And, i LOVE your art! Its so cool :D Keep up the good awesome! 

Sadie · 08/02/2017 13:50

Thank you!! ♥

Bran posted to Sadie

25/08/2016 13:16

Prepare for trouble, and make it a McDouble >:3c

Sadie posted

24/05/2016 17:41

so.... overwatch :^)

Bran posted to Sadie

23/05/2016 17:10

Gotcha ;3

Sadie · 23/05/2016 20:01