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I'm a bit of an odd ball, but other than that rather happy-go-lucky, easily excited, somewhat hyper, very friendly and willing to talk to anyone about anything. I love to write, read and do amature photography, and I love making new friends. If you want to know more just message me, I love to talk! ^.^11

Best way to contact: Kik at CodytheFox. Skype seems to not let me recieve any contact requests 

Real name: Cody Zimmerman

Age: 19

DOB: February 9th, 1996

Relationship status: Mated, no master/mistress

Orientation: Straight

Roleplays: SFW/NSFW, long-term, themed, etc.

I'm a stand-alone paranormal investigator based in Williamsville NY. So far I've only done one investigation, and I'm hoping to get out there and maybe make a team and get some money going to support the future staff and buy the proper equipment. I found a lot of evidence in the home I investigated, specifically in the bedroom of the person making the complaint as is shown in my photos, and I have express permission to upload them to aid my building of a team and blahblahlbalszhbdkjfyawert

I really have a lot of things going for me, too many and too fine in detail to draw out on here without killing a reader with information overload on so many topics. Just ask and you shall recieve xD


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Bored and looking to talk c:

Anyone up to a chat? Message me at Kik. CodytheFox Skype is acting up on my end (who'da thunk Skype would mess up?) Anyways, feel free to message me! I love to make new friends c:
14/08/2015 18:53

Daily Journal 8/11/15

Pretty excited! My order of a collector's pack of 6 executive quality fountain pens from the company I trust for all of my fountain pen collection should arrive tomorrow, even today if they decided to use expedited shipping! I only ever use fountain pens because one can last upwards of ten or so ...
11/08/2015 12:44


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Samantha-dragon posted to Cody Zimmerman

29/08/2015 19:04

awww, thank you for one of my first favs here! ^^

Cody Zimmerman · 31/08/2015 00:52

You're welcome! c:

Fae posted to Cody Zimmerman

11/08/2015 18:50

Thank you very much for the the favorites, it is much appreciated 

Cody Zimmerman · 11/08/2015 20:51

You're welcome c: 

Duo Theus posted to Cody Zimmerman

10/08/2015 15:48

Thanks for the fave mate

Cody Zimmerman · 10/08/2015 17:50

You're welcome ^.^

Duo Theus · 10/08/2015 20:06

Thanks for another fave mate

Cody Zimmerman · 10/08/2015 23:46

You're welcome again~ You have a wonderful art style :3

Duo Theus · 11/08/2015 03:51

I dont have a style that is my problem. I have a line but not a style

Cody Zimmerman posted

09/08/2015 16:15

Feel free to message me or Skype or Kik! Skype is mettlebird and Kik is CodytheFox. Always looking to meet new people and make more friends! ^.^

Cody Zimmerman posted

08/08/2015 20:24

Posted several pictures from my first investigation. I can't post others because the victims and the families of the home didn't want their home shown anywhere without their control. Luckily, the one that I am able to show has a lot of activity.

Cody Zimmerman posted

08/08/2015 13:50

Bleh, so much time so little to do. I guess today I'm feeling a little backwards xD

Cody Zimmerman posted

07/08/2015 18:31

Can't post a title on here because my phone is being wonky, but this is going to simply be my grand hello to angone who stumbles upon my profile! Hope to make many new friends here and be part of a growing community of wonderful furs!

Cody Zimmerman posted

07/08/2015 18:29

Hmm... First post here! I'm rather excited about being a part of a new furry community! I'm hoping to make plenty of new friends and I'm looking forward to mang a good times here!

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