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Female | Adopted | South Carolina | London Born | Taken

First off, Thanks for dropping by my profile! It's best viewed in dark modes!
Please call me Marceline, Collie, Kitten, or anything you see fit!
Afraid of Crossing The Street, Drowning, Death, Spiders, Airline Turbulence.
Want to use one of my characters in art? Please let me know first!

I don't tolerate drama in any shape or form.
I am generally uninteresting, but feel free to get to know me.
Feel free to talk to me - But I'm often shy please don't take it the wrong way!

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Joliette Violetta Nyx

Female · Dog · Bisexual · Taurus
Role-playing Yes
08/06/2016 16:46


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Species: wolf
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: sad
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Species: bear
Artist Type: anthro artist
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Pikachukitty posted to CollieKitten

13/07/2016 18:50

OMG ITS YOU, you just cametome and i followedyou back and your the one who gives awau adoptable anthros! I LOVE YOUR ART! :3 ifyou wanna know my SoFurry account,mines sis pikaKiti

CollieKitten · 16/07/2016 04:33

Hm? I don't give them away o.o; I sell them if that's what you mean, ha.

whitephoxx posted to CollieKitten

28/05/2016 20:22

Hey there little one! Miss our family pack chats, we need to start talking more.

CollieKitten · 29/05/2016 03:27

Yessssssss ;u;
Start a chat, YO!

Little Mymy posted to CollieKitten

28/05/2016 17:35

thanks for the subscribe!! =^_^=

CollieKitten · 29/05/2016 03:28

Thank you for subscribing back!
And you totally deserve it! =^.^=