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Trying to save up for a new computer and put some into savings for college classes, so I've had these designs for sale.

All the adopts are for sale anywhere from $5.00 - $25.00

$5-$10: sta.sh/21d6kuumem2p?edit=1
$11-$19: sta.sh/2kj8i0nlgd8
Only one, for right now, for $20-$25.00: sta.sh/0b9yqxs4ej1

If you are able to buy any of my lovelies, it would mean a LOT to me!
They are all available.
Paypal only!!!
I will give you unwatermarked versions of the image(s) the character has c:

Even if you can't buy, I'd really appreciate you sharing this around! Thank you

(This submission MAY be deleted occassionally to be reposted - PLEASE contact me by note, or comment here quickly!)

Bases used are by Baronessa, Waitress, and Pandoras-island.

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