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Colliefan, but feel free to call me Collie for short.

A little something about me.

I'm a writer although I have tried my hand at art.

I like anthros that are more feral in nature, I don't like them too human as it takes some of the animal charm away.

An example of this is I often portray my anthros with more feral construction, I keep the genitalia on both males and females closer to animal than human as I believe it makes the anthros more exotic and realistic.

I don't add hair or other human features for this very reason.

I enjoy keeping myself busy and doing things myself as well as picking up new skills.

In my downtime you'll often find me up to arms in engine oil or doing something with powertools, when I'm not working on one of my online projects that is.

Apart from that there's waking my dogs, playing games on the tablet and when the weather is right a little shooting.

I'm loyal to my friends and my biggest peeve is back stabbers and pretend friends.

I don't suffer fools and I have no time for trolls or wastes of space.

Any one that wants to start drama I warn you now not to bother, at the very least I will block and report you to the admins.

Friends/great people/people I trust.

Kinaj  mira collie  SkycladFox  EdTheBorderCollie  mearcu  Bun Fluffpaws  Diamond Faith

Everyone brings happiness to the net in their own way, most when they log on, others when they leave.


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Newest members box?

What has happened to the newest members box that used to be in the top right corner? All I can see now is "Discover something new" showing me a load of stuff I'm not interested it. Is this a site fault or a poorly thought out improvement? The newest member feature was one of the best features of ...
3 months ago
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My faith in Furiffic is now restored.

As the title says, a problem that has poked its ugly head up has been reported and the staff are on the ball. I feel a lot better and safer here now.
6 months ago


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