Colliefan the Rough collie is feeling Okay
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I've lost track of time playing GTA 5, I found the peyote plant and fun playing as a collie/sheepdog and then as a poodle. God was it funny hearing him complain about about being a sissy poodle. I chased and bit people.
14/01/2018 21:04
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Boy do I feel old.

Laying flooring and knocking out concrete has taken its toll on me (I don't remember it being so hard). Still got the work done, although this old collie is feeling crappy for doing it.
09/09/2017 19:41
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Newest members box?

What has happened to the newest members box that used to be in the top right corner? All I can see now is "Discover something new" showing me a load of stuff I'm not interested it. Is this a site fault or a poorly thought out improvement? The newest member feature was one of the best features of ...
16/04/2017 22:43
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My faith in Furiffic is now restored.

As the title says, a problem that has poked its ugly head up has been reported and the staff are on the ball. I feel a lot better and safer here now.
17/01/2017 21:46
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I'm really starting to question this site now. I won't go into details openly as have more respect than that, but I will tell those I trust in the notes about it.
06/01/2017 18:00
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Is there a block feature here?

I just wondered, never needed it before but I just came across my first furiffic troll and I need to know if the site has this feature. EDIT, never mind I've found it and blocked her butt, parents should really keep they're kids away from the computer.
06/01/2017 14:27
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You have to try this.

This funny little quiz has furry all over it.
07/12/2015 22:55
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Review of Furiffic.

Being using Furiffic a while now and feel I should express my feelings and experiences here. I've found the interface to be clean and very easy to use, I've found the staff and the other members to be welcoming and helpful. The search is one of the better ones I've used on furry sites and trust...
28/09/2015 13:33
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God do I love this site, easy to use, easy on the eyes and has a clean layout. Its only taken me a few minutes to get the hang of the basic features. I've most of the furry sites out there and so far this one seems the best set up. I think I'm going to be very happy here. I'm certainly going to ...
25/08/2015 10:50