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Review of Furiffic.

Published: 28/09/2015 13:33

Being using Furiffic a while now and feel I should express my feelings and experiences here.

I've found the interface to be clean and very easy to use, I've found the staff and the other members to be welcoming and helpful.

The search is one of the better ones I've used on furry sites and trust me I've used them all at one point.

In a short a space of time Furiffic has over taken Weasyl, both in usability and consideration, not to mention the more welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

That is really impressive to say this is currently the youngest furry site.

Furiffic stands to beat Inkbunny at this rate, although the diehard cub lovers and IBs other fanbase (Which I won't mention) probably won't like Furiffic's rules and therefor won't be interested.

Although to be honest Inkbunny has deteriorated in both quality and admin since the site changed hands.

I believe Furiffic to be better than Furaffinity on its staff alone, there seems to be no drama, rushed and inadequate repairs/upgrades or that the staff are biased in any way.

It is only the numbers that stops Furiffic beating FA.

Sofurry is still my main site, although that's down to people I know there more than function as I believe Furiffic is better designed and looks far better than the purposed changes SF has planed.

Now the one negative point Furiffic has, the site really needs a friends only feature.

Not having this limits and puts some people of joining, mostly those that have had to deal with art-theft or trolling on DA and FA.

Apart from that I give this site nine golden bones out of ten and two furry thumbs up.

Please keep up the good work.


Bun Fluffpaws · 28/09/2015 15:59 · 1 Reply

Just quickly finished reading(at work currently) and thank you so much =:3
We're getting there slowly and yes it's mainly a number of members thing currently.
As for the friends only option, this will probably come in the near future, as in the next update you will be able to control public/private/registered on the main sections of your profile

Colliefan · 28/09/2015 16:08

 Thanks for taking the time. I meant every word and I hope this helps Furiffic grow.

Kachayin · 28/09/2015 16:19 · 1 Reply

 Very encouraging words. Thank you for your feedback! :D

Colliefan · 28/09/2015 19:07

I meant it and you're very welcome.

Tea · 28/09/2015 18:37 · 1 Reply

 Awh, this is lovely to hear! We're all really glad you like it here, as you can see already. :)

Colliefan · 28/09/2015 19:08

I can see that. I'm just as happy to be here.

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