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Published: 06/01/2017 18:00

I'm really starting to question this site now.

I won't go into details openly as have more respect than that, but I will tell those I trust in the notes about it.

Diamond Faith · 06/01/2017 19:17 · 5 Replies

Calm down I bet it's just one of the trolls from FA stirring sh*t for me here too lets face it if I was a tracer I would have been banned off the site not left it of my own free will*

Colliefan · 06/01/2017 19:18

She seems to be able to tell a lie and prove it. This isn't the time and place to talk about it and I don't want to sully my good name here.

Diamond Faith · 06/01/2017 19:27

Well I posted proof I don't so that should be that*

Colliefan · 06/01/2017 19:29

I would block the troll if I was you so she can't do it again.

Diamond Faith · 06/01/2017 19:32

So where did she accuse me at?

Colliefan · 06/01/2017 19:32

Comments that got removed. I'm dropping this openly as I don't want to get in trouble.

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