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Boy do I feel old.

Published: 09/09/2017 19:41

Laying flooring and knocking out concrete has taken its toll on me (I don't remember it being so hard). Still got the work done, although this old collie is feeling crappy for doing it.

Kinaj · 09/09/2017 20:02 · 5 Replies

Got more into such things this break. It's hard, whatever the age. Especially if it's not a everydays thing.

Colliefan · 09/09/2017 20:07

My body has a lot of miles on Kinaj. Funny me removing it as it was me that laid the concrete nearly 20 years ago (Still I haven't forgotten how to lay new stuff). So how are things for you? Things going good?

Kinaj · 09/09/2017 22:04

Well depends on what you ask. I've tried myself on renovating my room I will live in during university. Most I needed to do is done and only one thing went horribly wrong(not my fault). With basically only one free week left before the semester starts we got to see what of the bigger things we can get done.

Colliefan · 09/09/2017 22:09

I enjoy DIY, but I learned at collage so I know what I am doing. I hope what went wrong isn't going to effect you too much. I think you're going to be very busy.

Kinaj · 09/09/2017 22:23

Well, we already need somebody to come anyway, so they will have to do that as well, so it's ok.
I am both. I am more fond of doing something myself or know how to do it, but I am also lazy. In these cases, I guess I could do most myself more easily, but need learn and get myself to learn these things. Also I will probably mess around a lot.

Colliefan · 09/09/2017 22:25

I see. Don't work too hard.

KaneWuffSchlichting.BAT · 10/09/2017 00:59 · 3 Replies

I've done plenty of that sort of work before, make sure you stay well hydrated around concrete~

Colliefan · 10/09/2017 09:01

Thanks for the advice. I think all the dirty work is done now.

KaneWuffSchlichting.BAT · 10/09/2017 09:05

No problem, hope you feel better~"

Colliefan · 10/09/2017 09:06

I will once all the work is finished.

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