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Published: 14/01/2018 21:04

I've lost track of time playing GTA 5, I found the peyote plant and fun playing as a collie/sheepdog and then as a poodle. God was it funny hearing him complain about about being a sissy poodle. I chased and bit people. 

Kinaj · 14/01/2018 22:01 · 15 Replies

How didn't I know about this yet?! Got to do that myself next time I get to play.

Colliefan · 14/01/2018 22:08

If you look online or youtube you can find the plants and play as one of 27 random animals. If you find the plant save the game first so you can load and eat it again to try different animals. Just don't go into the city as a wild animal as people kick you to death.

Kinaj · 14/01/2018 23:24

Gonna try for sure. There also is an editor where you can play among others all the animals from the game.
On what are you playing it btw?

Colliefan · 14/01/2018 23:29

PS4, but it also works on Xbox one (And yes you can see the naughty bits). I had a lot of fun, also if you shoot out the fuel tanks or the back of tankers you light the trail and it blows up, also cars and trucks stop working when the fuel drains out.

Kinaj · 15/01/2018 02:02

Oh cool. It's so rare to find other PS players :D
And I knew it with the fuel stuff. Somewhere at the left rear wheel pants is the tank of cars. I like it that the fuel needle moves down and the oil control light flashes up as soon as the car is empty.

Colliefan · 15/01/2018 11:24

My brother has it on Xbox but I've always had the playstation (I can't get on with the xbox pads). I've never had it on the inside view when I've done it. Its just a fun game, although I'm waiting another month at least until I can play online as I have limits on my internet.

Kinaj · 15/01/2018 14:25

I see. Let me know if you get online then. Maybe we can do something together then. Always useful to have allied out there. 

Colliefan · 15/01/2018 14:27

I will. Let me know when you try out the plant?

Kinaj · 15/01/2018 15:27

I will. But it might take a while. Busy times until March or so. Haven't even put up the ps4 yet since I got back from my parents home. 

Colliefan · 15/01/2018 17:06

I see. I've done two more of the side missions and am at 69.4% finished.

Kinaj · 15/01/2018 21:54

That's a neat number, lol.

Colliefan · 15/01/2018 22:23

I thought so, although now its 70.1%.

Kinaj · 15/01/2018 22:29

Too bad. Got to work for the 96%. Position change.

Colliefan · 15/01/2018 22:36

I'm going to keep it up. I have two of the letter scraps so have the rest to find, all the spaceship parts, 25 plants. I can't wait until I have it updated so I can go online.

Kinaj · 16/01/2018 00:40

There will be more collectable things i think. But for ship parts and maybe letters two I think there are maps on the in game internet. But might be wrong there.

Colliefan · 16/01/2018 11:07

My brother said the same.

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