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Rosa was born in a small town, her mother died in childbirth and her father had died prior to that, so Rosa was taken to an orphanage which is where she grew up. She never was adopted so she just lived there while she went to school, during high school Rosa fell in love with another anthro wolf who had liver cancer and he bought her a black bikini while they were together and when he passed away she always wore said bikini as a memento. By the time she graduated high school she developed a hatred of city life and she decided to move into a forest and she managed to conquer her own turf in said forest which is where she lives now.

   Later however she met a young changeling who was searching for The Changeling Hive, as he was abandoned by his biological and adopted parents before. He was injured due to all of the wild animals outside of her territory so Rosa tried to nurse him back to health, and on a whim she tried making herself a healing potion, which is where she discovered her talent for alchemy. After that was over the young changeling reminded her of her own desires for a family so she adopted him and gave him the name Joey, and they've been living happily together ever since.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


50.8Kg · 7 Stone, 13.99 Pound

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Rosa is a young wolf who lives in her small forest territory with her boyfriend and adopted son. She always wears a bikini because it was the last thing her now deceased high school sweetheart gave to her before he died. She is a friendly wolf but is also clingy, just don't mess with her family, friends, or territory

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