Kane Schlichting, Resident Werewolf the Werewolf is feeling Okay
Artist Type: Art Whore

Kane Schlichting

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Fursona Details: An average­, plain bl­ack werewolf with­ crazy ide­as, and a­ love for s­words, fir­earms and­other thin­gs of that­ nature.

From a pla­in farming­ backgroun­d, grew up­ with fire­arms, and­ developed ­a very lef­tist world­view. As s­uch, is ve­ry comfort­able and g­ood with f­irearms, v­ehicles, a­nd hard wo­rk. Loves­ his family­ and allie­s above al­l.

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Hell (nah, just kidding. Canada)

About Me:

An average­, plain bl­ack timber­ wolf (Maybe? Nah, werewolf XD) with­ crazy ide­as, and a ­love for swords, fi­rearms and­ other thi­ngs of tha­t nature.


Gaming, writing, guns and steel.

Occupation: Artistic / Creative / Performance

Religion: Atheist

Political Views: Socialism

Favorite Movie: Enemy at the Gates

Favorite Music Artists: Ozzy Osborne, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Alice in Chains

Favorite Genres of Music: Metal, alt. rock, hard rock

Favorite Authors: George Orwell

Favorite Fictional Character: Snake (MGS3)

Favorite Games: Good question...

Operating System Of Choice: Windows 10, might have an argument for Win9x when it's not being a load of balls about drivers, or Windows 3.11 when it works.

Gaming Platforms Of Choice: Mostly Nintendo, as that's what I can afford.

Favorite Fruit: COFFEE!


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Want people's opinions

I have a post-apocalyptic LARP character I use for HvZ and intend to use for Afterworlds, and he has the basic framework of a backstory, and I want to feel out your thoughts on something I've been considering. I've been considering writing an extended backstory on this LARP character, however, t...
1 month ago

Had an amazing Nerf war at Metchosin today!

I got nearly 45 minutes of video to sort through, photos and all that jazz, had a great time flinging foam with the VFBA and I met another guy in the Crew Auxiliary, it was nice to have a team of veterans through today. I'm feeling a shower, a good sleep, and a Sunday at the editing desk with a b...
3 months ago


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NPC Meme

21/10/2018 04:24


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Gone for Christmas. I'll be at my mother's until the 26th.

Kachayin · 20/09/2015 08:51

 Thanks for your subscription. ;)

Kane Schlichting, Resident Werewolf · 20/09/2015 09:05

No problem! Also, your art is awesome.

DevilishlyHandsome49 · 16/12/2015 11:24

Thank you for the subscription :3