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Teddy's parents were a happy, loving couple, who knew they wanted children from the day they got together. When his brother William was conceived, they rejoiced. He looked just like his father and they couldn't have been more proud. As William grew, he showed extraordinary promise in the scientific field, and at the age of ten, was sought out by a prestigious school for gifted youths. He would live on campus, be well cared for, and would return home on holidays, his parents being allowed to visit every weekend. They encouraged and allowed him to go, though soon became lonely.

They missed having a child around their home, and once again, aimed to have one. Theodore was conceived almost immediately after, and they once again rejoiced. As the pregnancy went on though, things turned sour. His father lost his job, and struggled to find work. His mother experienced complications, and had to be put on bed-rest during her second trimester. Life was tough, and though William helped when he could, there was only so much that he could do, and his mother told him to focus on his schooling, that she would be fine. It was a long, long pregnancy, but eventually his father landed a job with a wonderful company, who happily assisted in the care of his mother.

When the day arrived, and he was born, tragedy struck. His mother did not survive the birth, and his father was left in a deep depression. He did his best to care for Theodore, who thankfully was a well behaved baby, but it was hard. He kept working, and his company was understanding, but as time went on, things grew more difficult, and he decided that his best bet would be to hire a nanny, just to help while he was at work.

A kind, elderly woman was chosen, though she refused payment, claiming to miss having a child around. Things went along smoothly for the next few months as the old woman grew close to Theodore, and on the eve of his second birthday, she took him. They disappeared into the night, and she took him out of Lwu, and to her home on the outskirts of Turaka. The old woman was a witch, and not a good one by any standards. She intended to use Theodore to regain her youth, but found herself unable to do so, having grown attached to him. Her sisters were displeased with this, but they themselves had found children to suck the life from, so all was well. As per their routine, they relocated on the next new moon to the country of Pikara, where they would start again, kidnapping children from across the land. Theodore was always happy to have new friends, but they never stayed long.

The witches were discovered after barely two months in Pikara, by Baron, Toto, and Muta, and were disposed of as they attempted to kill the trio. They took the children (Theodore and a number of others), to the closest town, Luciea, and took care of their business. They traveled, the trio and all the children, to the neighboring towns, and one by one, Theodore watched his friends go away, returning to their families. Eventually, they were all gone, and Theodore was left alone. He was alright though, having grown accustomed to the Cat Bureau, and was more than happy to stay with them. He came to call them 'Unca Muta', 'Unca Bayon', and 'Unca Tohoh'.

When Alexavier joined their family, he was as happy as could be, and tried to share his toys with the lion, offering hugs and snacks, and doing his very best to make friends, but nothing he did worked. He didn't give up though, and VERY slowly, Alex started being nicer. They began playing together, and Alex would smile more. Alex still picked on him, but it was more playful than mean.

When he met Courage, he felt like his world had changed. He immediately warmed up to the dog and wanted to be as close to him as possible, much like how Alex was with Baron, but more out of adoration. Courage hadn't dealt with puppies before, but quickly bonded with Theodore, eventually taking on the role of babysitter, allowing Muta to spend more time in his cafe.

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