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This was sort of half venting for me when I finally colored it. I was in a bad mood and trying to get my frustration out, so I did a profile of Raptor in a post-apocalypse type setting.Around this time, there's two zombie strains running rampant. There's one affecting furries and wild animals and one affecting humans. The two strains can't be transmitted to the opposite host; zombie human bites can't turn furries into zombies, and zombie furry bites won't turn humans into zombies.Raptor has cut his hair shorter to keep both types of zombs from being able to grab onto his head easily. His scratch scars are from furry claws, and the bite in his ear is from a human zomb. He's got more scars on his legs and is missing part of his tail (had to cut it off to prevent infection from spreading after a zombie cat-fur bit him). Other than that, not much has changed about his appearance. His personality has had to harden over the year since the infections began spreading, so he's not as outwardly friendly as he was. He's distrustful and does what he has to to survive and keep his band of survivors alive, though he isn't their leader.

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