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Quick Holiday Update

Just to let you know i'm going on holiday tomorrow until Friday, i will be taking my laptop with me and will be able to get some drawing done. In fact i've now got almost all the art i owe sketched up and have almost finished a few of them. So when i get back i should have a few ready to submit ^^
04/09/2016 16:46
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Free art is still very much available!!!!

Just a small reminder that i still have loads of slots left for my free art giveaway. (no catch, just first come first serve) Only 4 slots left for my NSFW one found here: {} And a 11 slots left for my SFW ...
20/04/2016 23:34


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09/04/2017 20:48


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07/01/2017 12:34


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thatBADfolf posted to Crystal-WolfDarkness

25/04/2017 20:10

Your plushie characters are so cute! ^^

Crystal-WolfDarkness · 25/04/2017 21:48

Aww thank you, they aren't usually plushies but i thought i'd draw what they would look like if they were. Thanks for the watch ^^

thatBADfolf · 25/04/2017 23:12

You're welcome! C:

Kince posted to Crystal-WolfDarkness

15/01/2016 01:18

To show my appreciation I'm gona sub ya ♥ 

Crystal-WolfDarkness · 15/01/2016 02:19

Awww thank you ^^