Crystal_Yoshida the Rabbit/skunk is feeling Calm
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Hello, everybody, my name is Crystal Yoshida.  I'm a happy go lucky female hermaphrodite skunk/rabbit hybrid.  More rabbit then anything as you can see by my long ears, bucked teeth, and my huge feet.  Let's see what can I say about myself?  Well, I'm outgoing, kind, thoughtful, shy at first, and friendly.  I'm not really that hard to talk to at all, but sometimes I will never shut up.  [emot=50]

Role-playing is my favorite thing to do during my spare time, but that seems to be causing problems.  Also, I love to cook, taking care of people, lending a hand, playing video games, and watching the telly.  I'm still a cartoon fan of the older cartoons like from when I was a kid like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, TailSpin, and a few others too.  For movies, I'll watch mainly Comedy and Horror sometimes Action films.  Anime is okay some of it never really been a huge fan of that I like Pokemon, Bleach, DBZ, and Digimon.


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Question About My Fursona and Ponysona

You can ask Crystal or Starry any type of question you want today. When you do ask my characters questions post their name so I know who you are talking to. Example: Crystal, how many tattoos do you have?
22/12/2015 17:38

Where To Find Me When Furiffic Is Down

FurAffinity: {} DeviantART: {} InkBunny: {} Weasyl:
01/12/2015 22:46


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Starry Star

Female · Heterosexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Star, Starry
Star, works in her own bakery and takes care of her little sister when her parents drop her off. ...
18/11/2015 04:47

Minerva Storm

Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Virgo
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Minerva
She's just a female feline who loves to party.
16/11/2015 19:13


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linka linxs

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Crystal_Yoshida posted

29/10/2015 22:36

Going to stream in a bit and work on my Christmas Story.