Moa Pie the Spider
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hello! I'm Moa,

but you can call me whatever you want i don't care.

Commissions are OPEN [x]

Requests are CLOSED

I do Photography and Vectors!

I am currently near Columbus SC for photoshoots

I am androgynous fem (she/they)

I am fraysexual and lithromantic

I am non-monogamous (ironic i know)

All characters in my Toyhouse


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Sticker Packs

So I just discovered sticker packs... And I do vectors so, you know. ♥ Gotta start my free requests first tho @ n @ If you have ideas for stickers let me know here ;) I'll make generic ones for now, but if you want ones for your characters i'll open a commission thing for that once I feel comfo...
06/09/2017 17:14
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I'm still so surprised!!

Golden silk orb weaver spiders are my all time favorite! (also known as bird eaters) I never thought I would ever see one with my own eyes let alone a wild one! On top of that the beautiful spider was there with me while I waited for the total eclipse! (I have pictures of that too but I'm not go...
06/09/2017 16:33


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06/09/2017 03:39


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06/09/2017 03:37


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Nova Strings

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Bun Fluffpaws posted to Moa Pie

08/09/2017 14:29

Thanks for the sub 

Moa Pie · 08/09/2017 15:55

of course ♥

Lyeox posted to Moa Pie

07/09/2017 20:56

Thank you for the sub! ♥

Moa Pie · 07/09/2017 21:41

♥ ye!

WastelandOni posted to Moa Pie

06/09/2017 14:39

Thanks for the sub! 

Moa Pie · 06/09/2017 14:49 · 1 Reply

That is large

WastelandOni · 06/09/2017 16:01

eah they used to be much smaller XD Idk why it went so big? Lol.