Moa Pie the Spider
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I'm still so surprised!!

Published: 06/09/2017 16:33

Golden silk orb weaver spiders are my all time favorite! (also known as bird eaters)

I never thought I would ever see one with my own eyes let alone a wild one!

On top of that the beautiful spider was there with me while I waited for the total eclipse!

(I have pictures of that too but I'm not good a low light photography)

I will be posting more of my favorite photography shots i took in time I just don't want to spam you all ^^;

The pictures of the spider are in my photography folder ♥

lupeyroo · 06/09/2017 17:42 · 1 Reply

I worked with Golden weavers when I was in a zoo, they were just allowed to make webs up on the ceiling above us in a picture frame. they were both big beautiful females, both had really unique personalities ♥

Moa Pie · 06/09/2017 17:48

aww ♥ what good lovely babies! And yes I knew they were big, but seeing one in person I was "oh...that is large"

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