Cuprohastes the Dragon is feeling Weird
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Cuprohastes - The most famous unknown furry you ever never maybe heard of.

Kind of.

Been to Anthrocon since 2006? You saw my art or the layout work I did for the convention. To date I've designed four of the Anthrocon official convention t-shirts, several of the badges, most of the door-hangers, a con-book cover and a couple of the dining-guide and mini guide covers, among other things.

I've got over 700 imases uploaded on FurAffinity, and I personally know Falconeio and Bombur. Not to mention I make a decent grilled cheese sandwich and I once made a cup of tea so good that it kind of made all the others seem a bit inferior that day.

That's going to haunt me for a long time.

Anyway, I do commissions and often sketch just for fun. So... wanna buy an art?


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Commissions Open

[left]I just had to replace my PC - so it's time to throw the commissions gates open to re-fill the coffers
6 months ago

Coping with life

So a few years ago I was dealing with The Man
7 months ago


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Shimmerdragon ยท
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Sparkly blue drake.
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