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I am an aspiring digital animator, born in the US but currently residing (and raised) on Costa Rica.

My love to create art being either animations, logos, pictures, photos, stories, etc... that haves some kind of art to it is a passion to me.

What empassions me the most are videogames and would love to become a designer/concept artist/director of one some day.

So yea, thanks for checking my profile, I appreciate it very much. :D

You can check my website over here:

You can catch me sometimes in my Live Stream:
I usually announce them when I'm doing them.

If you like my art please consider buying me a "coffee" at:


and my deviant art account under contact info....same as my twitter, facebook and youtube.

MY profile ID photo was taken by Gabriel Fernández Mora


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Back In buisness!

I bought a new tablet, and while it is coming a friend let me borrow his old small one
22/11/2018 17:40


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