Lauren the Fox
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Winter and Christmas themed badge commissions are open! These will be throughout December and January. Slots open today and close at midnight on December 1st.

Payment is through PayPal. Please be aware that there are PayPal fees and there will be an extra charge for shipping if you wish to have it mailed to you. The shipping charge will vary depending on location.


These will be traditionally done badges, inked with Microns and colored with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. They will be laminated only if you wish to have it shipped. The price is $15-25 depending on complexity and style. The more complex designs will cost more. If you wish to have a couples style badge that will cost more as well. Christmas themed ones or ones that will be Christmas gifts will be done first to get them done for the holidays.

I can do humans, anthros, and ferals. Original characters and characters from shows and video games are accepted too. Any and all are welcome including Pokémon and ponies from MLP.

Please note: Some examples may be older pieces, so don't look at the quality; just use it as an idea of what you'd be interested in having. I improve everyday, so don't be worried about an unsatisfactory piece in the examples below.


Traditional work:

Interested people can email me at or PM me with the title “Commission” Please include this information: Paypal e-mail, single or couple badge, simple description of character(s), any winter/Christmas situation in special, references, and any additional information.
Thank you everyone for supporting my work ♥

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