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This was art done back in 2013

"It's gettin' hot in here..."

Lookit dat, a male Stripper!! Why has my gallery been filled with strippers lately?

Also, I still suck at backgrounds 8D Sue me...I'm learning XD

This is a 'Gift' Commission for MrLohdonn due to him giving my hubby, Kiran, a TON of financial help when we thought he was going on deployment. He's not now, thankfully, but he's got the gear all ready for the next one...

And there's always a next one. 

This character is named Terryx, and I like that name 8D I like him a lot, actually, never drawn a Cheetah before, so this was a lot of fun and I love how he came out.

I hope you like it, Mr.Loh ♥

Terryx © mrlohdonn
Drawing © djtrance

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