Darkwing Merduck the Mermaid is feeling Sleepy
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

 Once a regular duck, now a merduck.


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In Need of Inspiration

Been wanting to do more art, but I`m currently suffering from a major case of artist`s block. Hoping I can get some inspiration soon. I am planning to start a Darkwing Duck themed web comic. only problem is, where to find a descent comic panel program? if there is any. Plus I need more practice w...
19/02/2016 17:08


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01/07/2016 15:23

Darkwing Duck

19/02/2016 17:00


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Species: duck
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: sleepy
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Darkwing Merduck posted

20/09/2015 14:03

 just chillin` with mah cousin, drawing, and playing video games. XD