Daaberlicious is feeling Chipper
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I'm a self-acclaimed professional artist and dedicated Christian.
Not as cute and fluffy IRL. Much stringier and nerdier.

Notorious for nit-picking, an atrocious drama-king (because "queen" would be an understatement), and sometimes thinks his art is awful despite there being no reason to think so.
Of course, you wouldn't know this unless I told you.

Runs a webcomic, VHV, which is getting steam slowly. You can read it here.

Other notes

Don't worry about anything coming from me if you don't want that stuff.

-I'm totally fine with crass language, but if you treat anyone like garbage in any comment section of
my posts for any reason, you WILL be blocked. This according to my judgement, so reporting someone
is not guaranteed to work either.

-No demographic should feel unwelcome on my page. Who ever you are, go ahead! say hi! As long
as you don't do the above, we'll likely get along swimmingly.

-My webcomic VHV is no longer receiving any posts but previews on any site other than the official one.
Please visit the link provided above if you would like to catch up fully. :)

-This is not my main site. If you wish to contact me, try finding VHV on Facebook, or finding me on Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, Tumblr or Twitter. Otherwise, please enjoy!