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Hello, Fellas!
I'm a lover of Christ, creator of #VHVcomic and purveyor of miscellaneous fluffiness! Please enjoy your time!
Webcomic and personal site: https://vhv.webcomic.ws
A Secret Place's Webcomic Site: https://asecretplace.webcomic.ws
My linktree for my sites: http://linktr.ee/Daaberlicious
Mathew 5: 43-48 | Phillipians 4:8 | Joshua 24:18

Any contents of my work resembling real people, places, or (I can't believe I have to say this) kinks, is purely coincidental.If you're here for the latter, please keep it to yourself.


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Don't make me tap the sign.

4 months ago

VHV Status (Patreon Preview)

[left]VHV continues apace
4 months ago


Akktri posted to Daaberlicious

9 months ago

Hey, cool artwork. Your website is neat, too