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Comic Dub/ Voice Acting?

I've been watching a lot of fan-dubs and videos with a lot of voice acting. And you know what. I'm gonna give it a go^^ Only problem with this is that is that if I just fan-dub and voice act things that I like, It wouldn't appeal to all of you. So, as a solution, I'm asking you, my dear watchers,...
24/11/2015 17:02
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Feeling Insecure/Inferior

I don't know why, but.... I've just been feeling so down and sad lately, even though I've been doing so well and getting so many compliments..... It feels like all the pain and sadness that I've kept from everyone is starting to slip through the cracks... All the pain, regrets, the sadness, the a...
19/11/2015 14:33


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Kimi-Oneechan posted to DalethFox

23/01/2016 18:48

Thank you for subscribing

DalethFox · 25/01/2016 03:59

No problem^^

linka linxs posted to DalethFox

13/12/2015 00:34

hugs and loves

DalethFox · 13/12/2015 16:32

*happily accepts them* ^w^

WastelandOni posted to DalethFox

09/12/2015 03:17

Thanks for the faves yo!


DalethFox · 09/12/2015 13:11

You're very welcome[emot=48]

Grinn3r posted to DalethFox

08/12/2015 22:59

Aaaaaah! Thanks for faving and watching me! I really appreciate the support!

DalethFox · 09/12/2015 00:15

No problem man. I was happy to do so. Your're really good at whatcha do^_^

linka linxs posted to DalethFox

21/11/2015 20:46

hank you so much for the faves

DalethFox · 21/11/2015 21:47

No Problem^^

Miss Ashe posted to DalethFox

14/11/2015 23:17

Thanks for all the faves hun~

DalethFox · 15/11/2015 00:37

No problem^^

Blu-Ray posted to DalethFox

11/11/2015 17:47

thanks for subbing to me :D still trying to get my profile set up x3 if you wanna you aughta hit me up on skype :D also watched you on fa

DalethFox · 12/11/2015 15:37

Thanks a ton^^ I just added you on skype, so next time you're on, expect a message from me^^

WastelandOni posted to DalethFox

23/10/2015 02:18

Thanks for the sub! [emot=4]

DalethFox · 23/10/2015 12:55

No probem[emot=48]

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