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Feeling Insecure/Inferior

Published: 19/11/2015 14:33

I don't know why, but.... I've just been feeling so down and sad lately, even though I've been doing so well and getting so many compliments.....
It feels like all the pain and sadness that I've kept from everyone is starting to slip through the cracks... All the pain, regrets, the sadness, the anger, everything is unraveling....


I don't know.
I'm sure I'll get through it.
I usually do.
Anyway, thanks for listening

Bun Fluffpaws · 19/11/2015 17:23 · 1 Reply

Might be the time of year, i always feel meh/worst around this time of year with the colder/darker days *hugs*

DalethFox · 19/11/2015 18:52

Yeah, that could be *hugs back*

xXxPlutoxXx · 20/11/2015 02:39

I might be of some help i do always listen to people and help them

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