Danfox Davies the Fox is feeling Calm

I'm an anthro red fox, a therian, a biohacker, a writer, a digital artist, a geek and a cyclist. I meditate and suggest you give it a try. I'm very floofy in spirit and one day maybe in real life we all can be if we want...

I'm the CEO and founder of Vulpine Designs Unlimited of Cyberspace, CEO and co-founder of Vulpine Designs Limited of Cork, Ireland and I volunteer at Coder Dojo Zero and as a member of Sample Studios' Forma Nexus hackerspace and DIYBio lab in Cork. I'm originally from the UK.

My work involves managing a company, bioinformatics, virtual reality, genetic editing systems design and implementation and community voluntary group co-ordination.

You'll find me procrastinating one thing by doing another also-useful thing quite often, and I don't get into videogames much, nor into sports aside from my functional cycling to get to and from places. I also have been known to nerd out over trains and models thereof, electronics, metal detecting and Lego.


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