Danimus Prime the Autobot leader
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I was sent to this planet by Optimus Prime to protect its people.........Naw! Just Kidding! I'm just a autistic teen who dreams of being a Transformer, mainly G1 Optimus Prime. The best I can do is make sprite sheets, sprite comics, sprite imagery, and stories. I can also try my hand in editing images that needs color and nudity, should I find a good pace/motivation to do so. Regardless, I must receive permission to do so, as it is not my place change any of their works. What I can do is finish stories or base the stories on certain images. I'm also working on the G1 Sprite Project: sprites based on Transformers from the G1 universe with some changes.


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Danimus Prime

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Nicknames Danimus, Boss-bot
I'm now Danimus Prime, the newest bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. My new weapon set include...
13/08/2016 11:07

Hot Danimus

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Nicknames Danimus, HD, Copy-bot
In the beginning, I was known as Hot Danimus. I transformed into what appears to be a red and b...
12/08/2016 18:34


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Sinis Orosis

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Duo Theus posted to Danimus Prime

13/08/2016 04:41

Thanks for the faves mate