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Originally the Humagon Blade, the sword was broken and had to be reforged. However, rather than being simply put back together, its overall design was altered as the sword has very strong metals infused into it. With its new shape and red & gold coloring, it transformed from the fabled Humagon Blade to the mighty Dragon Sword! With its previous weakness removed, it can use a great deal of power without much risks. However, the strength it had as the Humagon Blade is no longer its true strength. Located at the hilt of the sword is the Pure Dragon Crystal, one of 7 mystical gemstones with elemental properties. In the case of the Pure Dragon Crystal, it can infuse the power of positive energy into the sword. With this energy, it can unlock its true power, indicated by its cross-guards opening. With this power, it can cut through obstacles it couldn't when it was the Humagon Blade. However, while it stills holds the same requirements as the Humagon Blade to wield it, the user needs both requirements to use its true power. Additionally, the damage it can deal depends on how much darkness is in the victim's heart. If there's so much darkness in that person's heart, it can be fatal as otherwise, that darkness would be cleansed from the person's heart. Finally, its true power can only be unlocked if the user has the heart and courage to unlock it. In short, the Dragon Sword is a trial of the user's heart and the living vessel of all of the positive energy in the world.

The evolved form of [url=http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20240374/,]http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20240374/,[/url] I designed this sword while working on another fictional story called the Dragon Warriors. Details about this story will be revealed at a later date. Unlike the Humagon Blade, I when through numerous designs before coming up with this. This is more or less a cross between the Power Sword from the 2002 He-man show and the Master Sword. One more thing to point out, the tip of the blade is like on purpose.

Made with Photoshop and Illustrator
Dragon Sword belongs to me
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