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~Hello fellow furs! My name is Danni the Leolf :3 (To specify, I'm a wolf-leopard hybrid, but there's no setting for a customized/duo species.)~

***Just to get things out of the way, I am trans*, MTF. She/her/they/them, please and thank you!***

((My fursona herself is intersex - female genitalia, but no breasts. She/her for my fursona, please ^-^))

Huge music buff - Hope to start a band some day! As of now, I'm a writer; I've written numerous poems and songs, and am currently looking to finish a fan-made story. If interested, feel free to send me a message; it's still in its cruder state, so I would love the peer review and constructive criticisms~

I game a lot ^^;; Mainly MMORPGs such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Dragon Nest, but I also have Steam on my computer and play games such as Portal or Borderlands with friends. Co-op mode is the best :D

Currently attending college, aspiring for a major in psychology with a minor in sociology. Lots of work, that's for sure! If my plans for a band fall through (at some point), I'm aiming to earn a degree in counseling psychology so I can become a therapist. I feel as if it's my goal in life to help people. Even if we don't know one another, if you need someone to talk to about anything, I'm here for you. ♥♥♥

Not quite sure what else to put here .w. Open to edits in the future!


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I've currently uploaded some of the major pieces of my character; I've given descriptions, tags, and artist credit on about half of them. Will return at some point tomorrow to finish up tagging and crediting the rest. :3
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To anyone who somehow stumbles across this account, hello! I'm currently easier to reach on my FA account, so until further notice, it's best to contact me there. So I randomly got an invite to join this website, and, out of sheer curiosity (you know what they say about curious cats...) I decide...
02/08/2015 00:26


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