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Dawn comes from one of the tribes in the wilds. Separated from her village, she found her way to the main jackal capital of Sirencester and now lives her life as a petty thief, stealing what she needs to survive.

Extremely shy and quiet by nature, she is also very kind.

After being caught in the act, she was sentenced to several years in jail and to have her right hand cut off for thievery. However, her initial sentence was changed after some negotiation by an unknown jackal who had taken an interest.

She was later met by an said jackal and given a deal: become his personal servant as form of community service, and her sentence would be revoked. Hesitant at first, she thought being a working as a servant would be better than being a prisoner and harassed all day every day by her inmates, not to mention the guards. She'd also get to keep both hands and wouldn't have to stay in a cold cell.

She had quickly taken a shine to her new master, perhaps even developing feelings for him. She fears, however, that those feelings won't be shared.


Favourite Color


Housekeeper, formally a thief.

Extra Details

Age: 18

Pronoun Preference: Female

Hair Style: A short, ruffled up look parted to one side.

Apparel: A golden ankh earring on both ears, bracelets, anklets, and a choker necklace with dangling gems and an ankh down the center of the chest, and a simple green silk dress with the skirt ending just above the knees.


1.65 Meters · 5 Feet, 4.96 Inches


70.31Kg · 11 Stone, 1 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type




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Dawn is a femboy fennec that appears as one of the main characters in my ongoing erotic story, Primal Desires. She is one of Riku's love interests.

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Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

Dawn is normally used for story developing purposes, but otherwise is used for submissive roles, such as a servant or slave.