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Artist Type: Writer

Nature: Bashful

Ability: Leaf Guard

Leaf Blade
Swords Dance

Known as the team's 'little sister'. She is the youngest and known to be extremely shy, preferring to keep to herself most of the time, and finds the most comfort in the garden, which her trainer made just for this purpose.

As an eevee, she was the prime target for a pokemon hunter who sought her as extremely valuable due to the rare encounter of the female variant. The little vee ran for her life from an ursaring the poacher sent after her. Eventually she was drawn out of the forest and into an open field, bumping into Atty. She hid behind him when the ursaring caught up. Atty confronted the hunter, who didn't back down and ordered his pokemon to use a hyper beam. Atty, who refused to step aside, shielded the eevee from the attack and was blasted off his feet and into a rock formation, shattering his leg on impact. Before any further damage could be done, the hunter and his ursaring were struck by a thunder wave that came from an officer's magneton. The poacher was arrested and had his pokemon confiscated, and Atty was rushed to the nearest hospital. The little vee accompanied him, perhaps feeling responsible for his injury. Atty was forced to wear a cast and stayed in the hospital for a month or so before he was seen fit to move on again. The eevee felt inclined to stay with him, and so was adopted.

But as Atty continued his journey, the condition of his leg gradually grew worse, and soon became unbearable. When he checked himself into another hospital, he discovered a nerve in his leg had been severed, and at that point was beyond repair. It became impossible for him to travel long distances, which led to his early retirement. Perhaps the leafeon stuck with him out of guilt, or maybe pity. But regardless, Atty enjoyed her company, and is especially fond of her. Her shy and quiet nature gives her a special place in his heart.

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Juniper is a leafeon that appears in the fanfiction the  Eternal Darkness.

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