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Jewel was an eevee owned by a cruel trainer who cared only about money and power, and had little patience for pokemon that have trouble in battle. He was especially harsh to to the little vee for the littlest things, and was taught to expect pain when she screwed up. He was also expecting her to evolve into an umbreon, and was furious because she wasn't, evidently unaware of the condition needed. Love. Something he clearly didn't possess.

He was unfortunate enough to encounter Atemis, and challenged him, thinking he was weak due to his lack of badges. Atty quickly saw what kind of person he was and refused to battle, especially since Jewel clearly was in no position to fight. After a few choice words, the simple battle challenge turned into a fist fight.

Luckily an officer was nearby during the commotion, and after hearing a testimony arrested the trainer for attempted assualt and, after seeing the condition of the eevee, pokemon cruelty. He was stripped of his pokemon and his trainer liscence.

After some discussion with the officer, Atemis asked if he could adopt the vee, and his request was granted on the spot as the policeman could tell he would be a proper trainer.

A little skeptical and nervous at first, the vee would often avoid her trainer's gaze. The first time she lost a battle, she cringed in fear, expecting more pain for her weakness, but was surprised to receive love and compassion instead. She quickly grew fond of Atty, so much in fact, that she tried harder than ever before, and within days, to Atty's surprise, evolved into an espeon.

Jewel is pretty friendly and, unbeknownst to her trainer, tends to be flirty around males (and sometimes girls) of the same egg group. Though she's relatively harmless, it tends to make the opposite gender uncomfortable. Sometimes the ninetales, Valentine, has to cool her off with an ice beam.

Fun Fact: Jewel is easily the strongest in term of mental power, as psychic types usually are. Her psychic attack is absolutely devastating regardless of the opponent's typing, except for dark, which are impervious to her powers. Fortunately she knows a few attacks to counter her weaknesses, other than bug, which usually aren't much of a threat to begin with anyway. Her signal beam is used to counter dark types, and a shadow ball to counter ghosts. She also knows morning sun, which will allow her to use the sun's energy to heal herself as needed, if the sun is out that is.

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Jewel is an espeon that appears in the fanfiction, the Eternal Darkness.

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