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Darke has been alone for a long time. He has a few friends in different places but never stays in the same place for long.
He comes from a place where the weather is always cold, and it snows constantly. As a child he lived with his mom. His dad left them when he was only 3 years old and never came back.

He lived near a beautiful snowy forest and loved exploring it. Deep in the forest there's an ice lake that never melts due to the cold weather.
He used to play on that lake a lot until one day, when he was 10 the ice broke and he fell in.
The cold water hurt his muscles and, even though he knew how to swim, he was unable to move and almost driwned. Luckily his mom had gone with him and managed to save him, though his fear of water lasts until today.

At the age of 10 he started noticing an odd behavior from her mom. Every two weeks she would send him to bed early and lock his door from the outside for three nights straight.
At first he complained but with time he stopped caring. Soon after his 13th birthday he had a weird dream.
He dreamt he was a feral wolf and he was chasing a bunny. He chased the bunny trough the forest and just before waking up he leapt at the bunny and killed it.
When he woke up there was an unusual taste in his mouth, it tasted like blood, and somehow it tasted good. He got up and ignored the blood thinking he probably just bit his tongue while dreaming. He went trough his daily routine but instead of taking him to school his mom kept him home that day. She had the same look in her eyes she had whenever she locked him in his room.
He asked her why he had to stay home but she just sent him to his room and locked the door as she usually did at night. At this point he had already realised she only locked him in there during full moon and new moon nights.

He stayed in his room all day and was only allowed to come out to have dinner and use the bathroom before bedtime.
That night he had the same dream he had, before but this time he killed more animals, a fox two bunnies and a cat. When he woke up he had the taste of blood in his mouth again but ignored it once more.
During breakfast he noticed an article on the newspaper about some missing person and the team sent to search for them being murdered. The team consisted of a cat, a fox, and the two sisters of the missing bunny. He didn't realise it at first but after thinking a bit he realised his "dreams" might've been connected to the incident somehow.

That night he had another of the weird dreams but this time he was fighting a tiger bigger than himself and got hit by his sharp claws in the back before running away bleeding.

In the morning he woke up outside with  pain on his back. When he opened his eyes he noticed he saw he was laying in a pool of blood in the middle of the snow. He slowly got to his feet and made his way back home in pain.

When his mother saw him she bursted into tears and ran to hug him bringing him inside to bandage his wounds. It was then that the he realised he was the one murdering everyone and the reason his mom kept him locked up was to protect him and everyone else.

A few days passed with no more dreams since the new moon was now gone. Eventually the police investigation lead to his house and he had to flee with his mom.
On the way to a nearby city the police caught up with them and his mom was forced to abandon him so he could get away while she distracted the police.
Unfortunately his mom got caught and was considered responsible for the murders being condemned with life sentence.

From that day on he's been living by himself. He learned how to survive by working or stealing and has been moving from place to place.


Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Varies from time to time

Extra Details

Feral form:Turns feral when exposed to full/new moon or panics.While in feral form his physical streanght speed and regeneration are increased while his reasoning ability is decreased making him act mostly on instinct.

Enhanced vision:Is able to enhance his vision in multiple ways (ex:see trough thin walls, see things farther than most people), but after using this ability goes almost completely blind for 3x the time he used it for.


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


40Kg · 6 Stone, 4.18 Pound

Body Colors

Body Type

average male



Extra Attributes

Full grey body with three white stripes on his back

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A short male wolf who loves chocolate and playing around

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