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Published: 18/07/2015 00:17

Hey all, I got an invite to this site, it looked interesting so here I am.

Overall I really like the layout and everything (especially since it's purple!)

But yeah, I'm uploading some of my recent stuff at the current moment, I'll get to doing new stuff soon ^^" Been having quite the art block.

Anyways, I'm mostly active on DeviantArt and Furaffinity (there are links on my page) and it'll probably remain that way, although I do like this site so far so maybe I'll become more active eventually, not quite sure.

That's all I have to say for now, if you wanna chat just hit me up, I'd love to make new friends c:

Replic ยท 18/07/2015 16:00

Thank you for joining, hope you like it so far and we are working on making it more active, so hope to see you around here :) have fum and stay awesome ^^

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