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Design commission for the endlessly patient skyworthy 
This took me so many months haha... Wowee, I can't believe he's finally done!
You might notice a few inconsistencies with anatomy/style and that's because I literally did the different bodies and head in different months... I tried to correct different mistakes and stuff to my best ability as I went along! It's kinda like looking at a few slight different stages of my art, haha!

Anyway, I really gotta thank skyworthy for being so patient and I just so so hope you like him! I worked really hard on him and I hope he was worth the wait! Hopefully you can read my handwriting haha, he definitely grew on me a bit so I made sure to add in a bit o' flavortext~
His phoenix sister/cousin will be out asap~

Also to those wondering where the WIP page is; I put it off just because I've been so close to finishing two of the things on there (this and another commission) once I put out the other commission (should be this weekend) the WIP page will be up soon after! c:

Thanks to EVERYONE for their patience with me this year... I've lost a lot of watchers and felt I've let people down a lot, and I've taken it a little hard but people have still continued to be really encouraging so I'm gonna continue to try to put out as much art as I can!! :>

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