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Reference made for a character design that I bought recently! I had a blast making this. I got to try out Hej Stylus (it’s basically the LazyNezumi equivalent for Mac). I was just using the free basic version, but I’ve got to say it does make digital inking in PS much easier. I’m very impressed.

I made this because I wanted a change in species and I needed to design her backside. It also makes it feel more official. Her original design can be found here (Tsukikalynn is the person I bought her from. [url=Necroizu]Necroizu[/url]]http://www.furaffinity.net/user/necroizu/]Necroizu[/url][/url][/url] is the artist) I'm not entirely sure on this name for her. I like it, but I'm open to other name suggestions!

I'm also thinking she might be a good friend/companion for Kichiro
Time: 9 hours

If you like this and want something similar, I'm open for commissions. My info can be found here: http://pyrocatproductions.weebly.com/commissions.html

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