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Jajas is a species I made for people who wanted to make an OC base of someone's species.

I wanted to make a species that doesn't limits a person's imagination. I saw a lot of cute and interesting species on DA (most of them are cute) but the designs of some species on DA make it look like theres not much room for creativity. Sure, you can maybe add some new traits on it (you probably have to pay) and gave it different colours and pattern to make it unique but I'm focusing more on what you can do with the species then what you can put on your OC.

Basically, I wanted to make a species where you can do a lot of things with them. They're not small or big, they're medium size and most people make OC are medium size because they look like they fit in with the world that their creators make. They have long tail, its not really that important but the wagging tail is. They have arms and hands that look like they are able to grab things and they have a mask.... nothing interesting there but I got some ideas for the mask.

You can just make an OC out of this species like how people makes OC base on existing animals. Like Cat OC. There a lot of different type of cat OC, some are just normal cat, some are those cute cat that like to wear accessories that make them look cute and there are some who can even hold a sword or do magic. Thats a species that I was going for.

This species doesn't have its own world that means you can put this character in any of your world, you want to rp, go on. You want to make it a master painter, go on. You're free to put whatever ideas (?) on them, there are some limits with this species (*cough* rules). I will make a lore/information about the species soon.

Refrence sheet of the species will have to wait

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