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A drawing of two really close friends. One of them thinks of them as brothers while the other one wanted to be more than that.

The one who think of themselves as brother is Cesron which is the one on the left. He thinks that way because they both have been together since they were 11 (and now they're young adults). They live in the same home and because Evin, the one on the right save him and help taking care of him (but its mostly his guardian that takes care of him), he start to think him as a family. Evin however has feeling towards Cesron and been feeling like that since his teenage year (maybe). He just doesn't know how to tell that to Cesron and since Cesron thinks of them as brother, he feel less confident about telling him he likes him.

I'm pretty proud of this drawing, its been so long since I made a drawing with a background (landskape kinda background) and a content (story) behind it.

This was the first ever drawing of this two guys even tho they were created a long time ago. Evin was created on 2015 while Cesron was created on either 2013 or 2014 but I did draw him that time (rarely) but in his old design (which is a human version of him). This is the first time I drew him with this design (the official one, at leats for now).

This took 3 hours to make. It was really worth it. This was made in IbisPaintx btw.

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