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I'm a anger monster ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


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Species: German Shepard
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Species: dog
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Destinysa posted

22/05/2016 20:48

I actually never made a FA before, like i was thinking about making a FA then i was like nah.

Destinysa posted

22/05/2016 20:40

 Look how huge Destiny is, like laughing

Destinysa posted

22/05/2016 20:39

Should i like post my adopts here too, because i make adopts and shit and like help plz

Destinysa posted

22/05/2016 20:35

Oh my god i finally figured out Furiffic, it took forever. I had to ask my friend to help but shit yeah. Well, this is amazing.

Destinysa posted

22/05/2016 19:57

Furiffic is very confusing much.