Eli the African Wild Dog is feeling Cynical
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Eli has a bipolar disorder. Described by his family as a diligent, intelligent, caring and generous, Eli has a short temper and acts impulsively. When feels threatened, both psychologically or physically, acts violently and aggressively, often not taking control over his actions. He takes pleasures from these physical suffering he causes to others, and occasionally to himself, but deeply regrets it as soon as he realized what he has done. He is vicious, proud, possessive and jealous. Described as stubborn, irascible and introverted, is often seen alone. He doesn’t talk much with strangers, but he seems open to flirt. Some say he has a good sense of humor, but is regularly serious. He takes anything he likes to do very seriously and is really determined to get things done.
Eli suffers from abandon and fears of being left alone. As result of his childhood and parental relationships, he finds it hard to trust others, is really hard on himself, is not inclined to commitment and thinks he can only rely on himself.

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Male · Mongoose · Gay · Leo
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Adult Submissive Mongoose
04/11/2015 21:00

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Adult Bipolar African Wild Dog

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