Eli the African Wild Dog is feeling Cynical
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╭━━━━━call мe elι━━━━━╮

old fucker | ♂ | adult feral artist

Sometimes I draw. When I am not busy. Mostly art of a bipolar African Wild Dog and his very submissive Mongoose.
I am grumpy and reserved, but I am friendly, I promise.

feel free to email me at: the.lone.rider90@gmail.com

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╭━━━━characters ━━━━╮
Eli |Mick |Cullen

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..every comment, watch and fave is very much appreciated!


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Thank you!

Woah so many people following my stuff already. Thank you so much guys! It's greatly appreciated!
02/09/2015 11:17


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Male · Mongoose · Gay · Leo
Role-playing Yes
Adult Submissive Mongoose
04/11/2015 21:00


Male · Dog · Questioning · Aquarius
Role-playing Yes
Adult Bipolar African Wild Dog
04/11/2015 20:47


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Species: coyote
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Species: griffin
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Red Rogan Marshall posted to Eli

5 months ago

Wow, I love your linework! So many little details! Can't wait to see more :)

Sleepless posted to Eli

04/10/2015 03:54

Your art is absolutely gorgeous! I just love your linework and facial expressions! ^u^

Eli · 05/10/2015 20:07

Why thank you so much!

Sleepless · 06/10/2015 01:21

You're welcome ♥

Roo posted to Eli

10/09/2015 13:13

thanks for subbing back, i llloooove your work.

Eli · 10/09/2015 19:58

You're very welcome! I like your style as well! And thank you! I'm glad!
If you are ever up for an Art Trade just let me know ;)

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