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Commissions reminder

Check out my form: It has all my prices , dos and donts:[lb] [url=https://tinyurl
2 months ago

Slots Open(Comms)

Open to do some drawing![lb] Dont normaly post here but thought id reach out [lb] [lb] If anyone wants a comm or art from me fill out this form! Could use a few [lb] [url=https://tinyurl
3 months ago

For the record

Love this website, it has so many robust features. I mainly upload dump but thats the way of things Good to see you all here <:
08/11/2019 04:52

Free Style comms

Opening these back up~[lb] how it works [lb] [lb] You give me 3 er so keywords: Example Scifi, Public use[lb] [lb] A rating sfw,nsfw,hardcore[lb] [lb] A refrence [lb] [lb] Then you are my mercy [lb] Ill take the keywords and make an image
18/06/2019 03:56

No more in stream comms

I will work on things in stream, [lb] but not take things in stream
12/02/2019 01:46

commissions open

gathering rent, note me to pick up a slot c:
02/05/2018 07:14