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( vik-TOR-ia STRAW-visky )

A character I sort of came up with on the fly. She's a spiderfox (not an original idea by far XD), and every year she's overwhelmed with the urge to mate. She doesn't necessarily want to get pregnant, but there's only so many cumloads you can take before it happens anyway, especially when you're already exceptionally fertile. 

The first time she mates when in heat, she's compelled to kill and devour her partner. They CAN escape, though, and she'll be fine in a few minutes. 

After the initial mania, though, Viktoria is back to her old self. However, as her pregnancy develops, her genitalia swells and becomes extremely sensitive. The pressure feels unbearable, and she usually craves any sort of penetration to help relieve it. 

When Viktoria finally lays her eggs, the release of pressure is so strong that she orgasms throughout the entirety of the birthing process. The spasms are an evolutionary advantage, because they help push the eggs out faster and smoother in order to curtail her vulnerable position. 

Viktoria is usually completely spent after laying her eggs. For the next couple months afterward, she usually has zero libido. She doesn't watch over or check on her eggs; they're completely autonomous after birth, and can survive on their own.


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She's just your local cave dweller.

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Extra Details

Viktoria is a spider-taur (spiderfox) with double-breasts (four breasts total). She has no tail.


2.6 Meters · 8 Feet, 6.36 Inches


815Kg · 128 Stone, 4.76 Pound

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Extra Attributes

Viktoria is a spider-taur (spiderfox) with double-breasts (four breasts total). She has no tail.

It's difficult to gauge her height because of her form. 

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Avoidant, but nice spiderfox.

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