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Wow, what a doozy! This is the most I've done with a background in... well, ever. I had to use a loooooooooooot of reference.

Chella is an earth dragon and, rather than flying, is adept at digging and burrowing. Her home is a basement-like complex dug and built into the earth, with a vast system of tunnels by which she gets around her forest. She loves the solitude, but a visitor now and then is appreciated... as long as it's by invite only.

Posts I used:
Night Vale podcast poster

[url=http://api.ning.com/files/OpXB8-4fNu0USdbZusu8dsTG9Ht5mKEB-UcQgt8SdBHFnCtFrVMO9bE-G8AGpHTp4dsnJixxJHsgqExKqZbAz*H0lyzCSvuF/GuitarGirlMichelle12.jpg]Guitar Girl poster[/url]

Sleeping with Sirens poster
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