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Deviant art link here: https://dixie-doodles.deviantart.com/art/Adopt-for-sale-OPEN-700479809

You will receive an un-watermarked version with a transparent background
You can rename him change his gender once bought he belongs to you to do as you wish.
You can re sell him but not for more than you pay for him unless he has art with him.
$15 paypal Only (i might take the same amount in points but message me first)
Please comment below if you would like him.

You can claim him here or on the deviant art link.

Bran · 24/08/2017 03:13 · 2 Replies

Hey, I really like him c: If n one snatches him up by toorrow afternoon, Ill take him :D

Dixiedoodles · 26/08/2017 11:57

He is still available so if you want him let me know. :D here or Deviant art or my tumblr are the better ways to contact me. My Deviant art https://dixie-doodles.deviantart.com/

Bran · 26/08/2017 16:32

Ill take him! If you wouldnt mind giving me just a hot sec to get my paypal payment up c: PM me your paypal?

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