Domingo Duster the Sergaldragon is feeling Indescribable
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- ​Shapeshifting

He can shapeshift and change his size to 15cm (6in) - 6m (19ft 8in). If and how long he can maintain a certain form depends on how complex it is, how different it is from his normal forms and how often he used it. If used often enough, he can use a form permanently.

Growing up with dragons, Domingo often used his shapeshifting power to shift into a winged or a dragon form. Shifting into these forms and staying in them for a long time, became easier for him, until he could shift into his dragon and hybrid forms effortlessly and permanently.

His original form is his sergal form.

- Fire Magic

Domingo can use fire magic, like breathing fire or making fire appear on any part of his body or shooting fire balls. Using this power a lot drains him quickly, forcing him to not use it often.

The fire is always emerald green.


He has a fetish for predators and being preyed on. Predatory behavior like getting chased, pinned down, bitten or eaten is arousing to him. Being inside someone else, partially or entirely is also arousing to him. Domingo is attracted to dominant characters and also finds more "capable predator" like looking creatures attractive. Sapient characters with these traits are the only thing he is attracted to.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


80Kg · 12 Stone, 8.36 Pound

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